• Garnier Fructis | Shampoo Mic

    Garnier Fructis | Shampoo Mic

    Gold, National Advertising Challenge, Digital, 2018

    For 2018's National Advertising Challenge, Garnier Fructis wanted to show how powerful the super fruits in their products really were through a digital idea that targeted millennials. So we created an idea that was pure fun, and gave them a way to engage with the product through a behaviour they were already doing - singing in the shower.

  • Garnier Fructis | Fruit-Powered Websites

    Garnier Fructis | Fruit-Powered Websites

    Bronze, National Advertising Challenge, Digital, 2018

    Based on the same brief, we created another idea based off of millennials desire to choose brands that share their values, like being eco-friendly. So we created livestreaming web banners that showed actual fruit generating electricity to power some of the most popular websites and social platforms during the most eco-friendly time of year - Earth Day.

  • TD Bank | Money Saving Banners

    TD Bank | Money Saving Banners

    Gold, National Advertising Challenge, Digital, 2016

    For 2016's National Advertising Challenge, TD wanted a digital idea to show millennials that they can help them understand their finances. If our banner ads can save you money, imagine what our financial advisors can do.

  • Yamaha | Busk It Forward

    Yamaha | Busk It Forward

    Silver, National Advertising Challenge, Big Ideas, 2015

    For 2015's National Advertising Challenge, we were tasked to help show how Yamaha enhances the good feelings associated with music. So we decided to use aspiring musicians to share those feelings.